Baja California off the Grid Ecotourism

The Alchemy of Relationships

How to use Astrology, Kabbalah, and Mysticism to harmonize the partnerships in your life...

WHEN: Friday March 28st - Sunday March 30rd

WHERE: Baja, Mexico (2 hrs South of San Diego)

Relationship RetreatImagine a property completely off the grid, powered by the sun, and on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Spend three days with your partner enriching your relationship with fun exercises, kabbalah, astrology, meditation, great stories, tantric exercises and great food. In your free time go swimming, kayaking, and hiking through rugged natural terrain.

Well, you don't have to imagine, you can just do it!

This retreat is designed for couples, but if you do not have a life partner yet, no worries, this weekend will help you prepare for the right one. Just make sure you come with someone you have some kind of a relationship with: a friend, family member, co-workers, business partner etc.

What is Planned for the Weekend:

Three Workshops:

1. The Source: What makes relationships so attractive and yet so challenging. Why is it when you are in one it is so difficult to maintain it and when you don't have one you can't seem to think about anything else? We will dive into the mystical origin of relationships and why we all must master them in order to evolve spiritually.
2. Love Signs - The Alchemy of Relationships: What is the best sign for me? How can I better understand my partner through their astrological make up? We will go over astrology and compatibility between signs in relation to love and work.
3. The Philosopher's Stone: An interactive workshop where you will get a chance to score, fix and understand the relationships in your life using a unique technique Gahl Sasson has developed in his readings throughout the years.

Playful Activities:

1. Tantric Exercises to regress into past lifetimes.
2. Group Games: Practice diplomacy and mediation with fun games designed to bring out your inner diplomat.
3. Relationship Vision Board - Make a Mandala to help harmonize your relationship.
4. Morning Hikes - Explore the rugged terrain, go bouldering, or just walk the open trails taking in the local beauty
5. *Optional Kayak Expedition - Explore cliffs, blow holes, tide pools and local marine wild life. (There is an additional fee for this activity)

Cost per Couple: $520 (all meals included)



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