Baja California off the Grid Ecotourism

If you are looking to have fun in Baja California without leaving any carbon footprints, Baja off the Grid is your place

Nested on a cliff with balconies facing the ocean, Baja off the Grid affords you the comfort of an all inclusive vacation home as well as the opportunity to practice eco-conscious living. Solar panels, grey water system, eco-friendly furniture, and a fully equipped kitchen makes the perfect mix of luxury and ecology.

Imagine a property completely off the grid, powered by the sun, and on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Taking long siestas in between incredible hikes. In your free time go swimming, kayaking, and hiking through rugged natural terrain.
Well, you don't have to imagine, you can have it all and with hardly any damage to the earth or your bank account…

Baja off the Grid can comfortably house 5 couples with enough beds to accommodate 2 more couples. It’s the perfect vacation rental and the ultimate place to lead workshops, yoga retreats, as well as weddings. The living room can easily fit 25 people and their yoga mats.

Baja off the Grid makes green vacations in Baja California , Mexico , easy, cheap and accessible. Located in between private sandy beach frequently visited by dolphins, whales and sea lions and its only two hours south of San Diego !

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